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It is never too early to start helping your child develop a healthy respect for money and to help them develop some good financial habits. Encouraging children at an early age to start saving money can lead to some very good habits and attitudes about money that will help them through their lifetime. As your child grows so should their financial accounts. We’ve developed a suite of products from childhood to adulthood to help your child grow in their financial knowledge.

Junior Savers Club Account™

The Junior Savers Account is a Savings Account designed to teach children and young adults the rewards of saving. The benefits of a Junior Savers Club Account are:

No minimum balance, and regular account maintenance fee is not charged for Junior Savers through age 21.

  • A free savings bank to remind them that it pays to save!
  • Junior Savers are eligible for a number of other fun benefits
  • Check out our special Junior Savers Deposit Rates

Junior Savers Account is an interest bearing account which uses the daily balance method to calculate interest. Interest will be compounded monthly and credited to your account monthly.

Young Adults


As your children grow and become responsible young adults, their financial needs grow too. Help them learn more about financial responsibility by selecting some of the products below.

Accounts that most of our customers like you choose