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As a business owner, you have to worry about making it through the ups and downs.  Times when expenses are exceeding receivables or when you need extra capital for equipment or property.  You need a champion who knows the pitfalls and problems of small business.  Wintrust is a local business committed to local businesses like yours.  We are right here in your community, where our decisions are made.  We know what you need and what you go through every day. We offer Business Loans and Lines of Credit that can help your business.


We are ready to help you reach your business goals with our suite of loan products.
Our term loans for small businesses are up to $50,000 and have two tiers — one application only, and the second an application plus tax returns of the business and business owner(s).

Revolving Line of Credit

A Revolving Line of Credit offers up to $75,000 to help with cash flow issues like those caused from a period of slower cash collections or increased expenses.

Term Loan

Our Term Loans provide a solution for longer term financing such as equipment upgrades, replacements or additions. Our term loans are up to $75,000.

Business Overdraft Protection (ODP)

ODP provides a convenient safety net when a business account balance unexpectedly drops below zero. ODP protects, up to $10,000, from penalties related to drawing from an account with insufficient funds. This is an application-only process.

SBA Express Loans

Loans are offered in amounts between $50,000 and $350,000. SBA Express loans include lower down payments on fixed assets and longer amortization on business expansion loans. SBA fees can be financed and can include an accelerated process.

SBA 7A Loans

Loan is offered in amounts up to $5,000,000. SBA 7A loans include longer amortizations on existing and business expansion debt including working capital and business acquisitions. Most businesses are eligible for SBA financing and SBA fees can be financed.

SBA 504 Loans

Loans are offered for equipment and real estate purchases in amounts up to $9,000,000. SBA 504 loans can include lower down payments with construction financing available. SBA fees can be financed and provide longer term fixed-rate financing on a portion of the debt.

Credit Cards

We offer a variety of MasterCard® Business Credit Cards1 designed to meet your company’s specific needs. They provide superior services and benefits to give your business an edge in streamline accounting and purchasing power.

1. Credit Cards are offered and approved by First Bancard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

Business Edition Mastercard

We offer a variety of Commercial Real Estate Lending solutions including commercial mortgages and construction loans. We can help you buy or refinance a commercial building, as well as finance your next construction project. You will benefit from our local decision making, personalized service and expertise.

Business Edition® MasterCard® with Maximum Rewards

With today’s economic challenges, middle-market companies need strong, experienced lenders that understand their business. Wintrust Business Credit, delivered through Wintrust Commercial Banking, specializes in creative and competitive asset-based lending. We offer revolving lines of credit on accounts receivable and inventory, as well as term loans secured by equipment and real estate.

Along with the Wintrust family of community banks, the Wintrust Business Credit team work as a cohesive unit to bring the best financial solutions to companies like yours throughout Chicago and southern Wisconsin markets. Not limited to any particular industry, Wintrust Business Credit has the financial solution designed for your specific business.

Each member of our senior management team averages over 25 years of commercial banking experience, providing business owners with a superior level of confidence that they are receiving the right financial advice for their situations. Our team of lenders will listen and understand each business’ needs and provide a senior debt structure that will allow their company to grow and prosper.

Wintrust Business Credit combines community banking, best-in-class commercial lending, and a family of strong, well capitalized banks—a winning combination for your business. We put the word “relationship” back into the commercial banking experience.

For more information about Wintrust Business Credit, please contact Wintrust Business Credit's Robert Shanahan, President, at (312) 291-2920 or Jack A. Myers, Senior Vice President, at (312) 291-2922.

Purchasing Edition® Card

At Wintrust, we offer a real commercial banking advantage over the big banks and smaller community banks in our area. We pride ourselves on local decision making and servicing of our commercial loans. Our commercial lending staff is well versed in all aspects of corporate finance and they provide a customer-focused approach to banking. We are capable of providing for the credit needs of a wide variety of commercial customers. We offer a full line of credit products including:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans, including commercial mortgages and construction loans.
  • Asset-Based Lending against inventory, equipment, accounts receivable and buildings.
  • Equipment Financing
  • Term Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Letters of Credit
  • Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Premium Financing
  • Life Insurance Premium Financing